Amnesty Theme

Website starter kit

A customisable, branded, base website framework for building section websites or campaign specific sites.  It’s works across devices, has an intuitive admin interface and allows for complete customisation of layouts.

The framework can work for all languages and regions. Its useful for individual national Sections as well as regional offices of the IS.   It can be used for agreed micro-sites or as a replacement for main websites.  It’s built on WordPress 5 and comes installed with a number of Amnesty specific blocks of functionality.   

This allows us as a movement to spin up and deploy sites quickly and affordably, reducing costs in planning and development and ensuring quality and consistency of outputs.   The aim is by pooling development effort into a single platform, we’ll see maximum benefits from website improvements as these can then be accessed by everyone using the framework. 

Our documentation site is password protected and accessible only for Amnesty International staff, if you are staff and you’d like access please contact [email protected]