The wordmark


Consists of the words Amnesty International and the Amnesty Candle placed within a defined rectangular box. These elements are locked together – we never change the proportions, position or spacing between any of them. The construction and clear space around the logo are determined as shown.

To create maximum impact our logo works best when placed on a contrasting background and should never be placed over a background with the same colour.

We prefer the Wordmark to be placed in the bottom right corner, if for some reason due to image, language, design preference or other constraints then it may be positioned in any other given corner. Please avoid having it bleed off the edge of the design as shown. You can download our logos below. Please ensure that these are used in accordance to our terms of use. 


The “Amnesty International” words and the Amnesty candle and barbed wire logo (the “Amnesty Marks”) on this webpage are internationally recognised trademarks belonging to Amnesty International Limited, based in the UK. You may only use the Amnesty Marks on all of the following conditions:

  • The Amnesty Marks are used only in accordance with the guidance on this webpage;
  • The Amnesty Marks shall be used purely for referential and non-commercial purposes;
  • The Amnesty Marks shall be used only for the purpose of onward publication or other dissemination of authorised Amnesty International publications available on this website;
  • You do not use the Amnesty Marks in any way that could indicate or create the impression that Amnesty International endorses, approves, sponsors or is affiliated with any products, services or goods available including via your own website and/or social media;
  • The Amnesty Marks are not combined with any other graphic elements or altered in any way other than as set out on this webpage;
  • The Amnesty Marks do not appear any more prominently than your own logos or company name;
  • The Amnesty Marks remain the exclusive property of Amnesty International, and by using the Amnesty Marks, you agree that you shall not, in any way whatsoever, register or attempt to register the Amnesty Marks, or challenge the same;
  • You use the Amnesty Marks in the context of our publications in accordance with our Permissions, which are set out here: